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    BodyMind Therapies


    Offering Massage and Integrated Bodywork for stress release, pain management and deep relaxation since 1982

    My philosophy about physical and emotional pain is that they are guides to show us how to do things differently in our lives and thereby broaden and deepen our experience of living.

    Although I'm happy to provide deep tissue therapy, I do not believe in "no pain, no gain".

    Often deep holding patterns can be released by the most gentle touch.

    My healing arts are a practice of

    • Careful attention to my client's experience

    • In-depth wellness assessment 

    • Custom tailored bodywork for  pain and stress management

    • Herbal Supplements​

    • Ongoing witnessing and coaching of each individual healing process.

    My specialty is supporting ease for my clients  in body, mind, and emotional wellbeing.



    Massage & Acupressure

    Bodywork sessions may include deep or light massage, breath work, stretching, passive and active movement, coaching in ergonomic body usage, BodyMind Acupressure, Polarity Balancing, Cranial-Sacral and Visceral Manipulations, and other manual therapy  modalities.


    Herbal Consultations
    Remedies to support high level wellness

    Ongoing Wellness Coaching 
    First session in office with followup over the phone. 

    Package: Bodywork, Wellness Coaching 
    Ongoing support for high level wellness. 10 sessions. 


    "When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
     you touch everything.
    "          Lao Tzu

    Therapeutic Massage & Acupressure
    BodyMind Therapy

    Sessions are tailored to individual circumstances from deep relaxation to pain management to rebalancing of tension patterns to trigger point release. Deep or light touch and many different modalities can be integrated into one treatment.
    Assessment includes pulse and abdominal palpation and dialogue about symptoms.

    Acupressure accesses the inner electrical circuitry of the bodymind, remove blockages to chi (life force) and reinforcing connections between different meridians for relaxation and renewal.

    Posture and movement , dietary and lifestyle assessments may be included along with exercise, diet, and stress-reduction suggestions.

    Bodymind Therapy

    is a calming experience involving gentle touch, awareness of breath and sometimes quiet reflective dialogue between therapist and recipient. With this process comes an  intimate, interiorly sensed personal knowledge of oneself.


    With this opening, deep rejuvenation and relief from physical and emotional pain and trauma may occur. Easier movement and new emotional & cognitive choices can emerge.

    Information that has been unconscious begins to move toward awareness through internal physical sensations, images, & memories. Often this awareness provides insight, while allowing affected muscles to relax. Over the course of a session there is a continual accumulation of tiny changes and a general sense of well-being.

    5 or 10 Session Wellness Packages
    Assessment, Bodywork, and Coaching
    • Ongoing wellness coaching

    • Bodywork, herbal consultations and wellness coaching Package

    • Ongoing support for high level wellness. Special pricing for comitment to 10 sessions.

    • Includes phone consultations as needed between sessions.

    Herbal Consultation

    Following an in-depth questionnaire and discussion of symptoms, Herbal and or Homeopathic Remedies are chosen to facilitate higher level wellness.

    Follow up sessions assess the response of the personal ecosystem to the remedies. Ongoing monitoring is important to chart changes over time. Changes in formulas will be adapted to changes in the state of wellness.



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